Let’s Go Camping! Your Guide to Survival/Minimalist Camping

Minimalist Camping GuideWhen family or personal vacation ideas are dull and repetitive it can be hard to get excited. When what you want to do falls outside of your budget it can be upsetting. That’s when you have to think outside of the box and plan something new and exciting.

Camping is an affordable and fun alternative to expensive family vacations. Instead of spending a fortune on airfare, lodging, and food you can pitch a tent (or create your own shelter) at a campground or other nearby area¹.

Minimalist camping is an adventure on its own and can help prepare you for many types of disasters.

But, what is minimalist camping?

While your idea of camping may already be ‘minimalist‘ others prefer an RV or cabin. The general concept of minimalist camping is to pack light and depend on the land as much as possible.

Think foraging for food, purifying your own water, and making your own shelter.

Who is Minimalist Camping For?

Anyone can try their hand at minimalist camping. Nature lovers and couch potatoes alike can find pleasure in roughing it. You get to unwind, relax, and soak in everything Mother Nature has to offer and throw at you. Go at it solo

  • Go at it solo or invite family and/or friends to tag along.
  • Plan a team-building trip with co-workers/employees or escape the daily stress with your spouse/partner.
  • Escape the daily stress with your spouse/partner.

The only way to know if minimalist camping is for you is to give it a shot.

Over the next few days, we’ll be sharing helpful information to plan, execute, and enjoy minimalist camping. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect:

[sta_anchor id=”¹”]¹Be sure to check for public places so you’re not trespassing.


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