What if your experience could inspire a total stranger to live a more natural lifestyle?

We are looking for regular contributors and guest posters to share how living a green/natural lifestyle works (or doesn’t) for them. Check out what we’re looking for and contact us to start contributing to Naturally Budgeted.


  • DIY: Do you have a great upcycling project or DIY anything using green/natural/organic products? We want you to share it.
  • Recipes: Do you have a fresh-from-the-garden recipe or any recipe using whole foods/ingredients? We want you to share it.
  • Health & Fitness: Do you have great ideas/tips on becoming healthier and staying fit? We want you to share it.
  • Gardening: Do you know the secret to a fruitful garden or have tips on gardening in general? We want you to share it.
  • Personal stories: Was there something specific that drove you to a green lifestyle? Have an interesting/compelling/inspiring story about living naturally? We want you to share it.
  • Product Reviews: Have you tried a great product and want to tell the world what you think? We want you to share it. We are also looking for consumers who want the opportunity to try new products and share their thoughts.

We are looking for:

  • Originality. Please don’t copy and paste a story just to get the credit/link juice.
  • Engagement. We love your posts and hope you’ll be there to engage with readers by answering questions, sharing on your social media channels, and updating as necessary.
  • Don’t just tell us, show us. We highly encourage our contributors to share original photography with their work. It’s not a deal-breaker, but we would greatly appreciate it.
  • Simplicity. Sometimes you need to explain things in simple terms, don’t always assume we’ll know what you’re talking about.
  • Honesty & Integrity. Is there anything more important?

To submit a post for consideration or inquire about becoming a regular contributor you can e-mail us at contributors@naturallybudgeted.com. You may also use the contact form below. When submitting a post please consider the following:

When submitting a post please consider the following:

  • no keyword stuffing
  • no content farm / spun articles
  • no direct advertisements (we will accept reviews only from consumers)
  • original content or content rewritten from your blog or website
  • Include a working title – we may change this but try not to
  • Include a brief author bio with (optional) headshot. This is where you can link to your blog or website


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Regular Contributors Benefits

We want to give our regular contributors well-deserved appreciation. As a small token of our gratitude these contributors will receive the following:

  • a permanent place on our About Page – photo and all
  • links back to your blog from each article and on the About Page
  • the opportunity to test and keep products at no cost to you
  • giveaway entry options
  • the chance to use your affiliate links in your posts